Push Pull lock

Product Introduction of the Push-Pull Lock In the pursuit of convenience and safety at present, we bring you a unique push-pull lock with distinctive features. This push-pull lock has the following remarkable characteristics: 1.Push and pull to open the door, liberate both hands: The unique design enables you to easily open the door just by gently pushing or pulling without having to twist or turn the handle with your hand. It brings great convenience to your daily life, especially when your hands are full of items, and the advantage is more obvious. 2.Anti-lockout, safer: The special anti-lockout function effectively avoids the trouble and risk caused by accidental lockout, keeping you and your family in a safe environment at all times. 3.No sharp corners, zero harm: The carefully polished appearance has no sharp corners at all. Whether it is for daily use or accidental touch, it will not cause any harm, fully reflecting the considerate care for users. 4.Direct push to open the door, rapid escape: In case of emergency, it can quickly open the door directly, winning precious escape time for you and ensuring life safety. 5.Fashionable and modern, with various colors: It has a fashionable and modern appearance design and provides a variety of color options, which can be perfectly integrated into various home styles to meet your personalized needs. Choosing our push-pull lock means choosing convenience, safety, and fashion. Let it become a reliable partner in your home life and bring you a brand-new usage experience.

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